Keratin Evolutions

Updated: Feb 27

In the New Year, I will be running some workshops at King's College London in the anatomy classroom. I'm preparing materials for one workshop called 'Keratin Evolutions', devised for the Synthetic Anatomy module. It asks students to imagine how Homo sapiens species could evolve one million years into the future, particularly through keratin-based body structures to survive harsh environments. Keratin is found in hair, nails, horns, quills, shells and feathers. Students will design and make paper (wearable) models of these adaptations. Some images below are from my tests; they are close ups to avoid showing the complete structures before the workshop. Look out for images from the workshops in future!

Looking at the paper sculptures I have made, I quickly realise that a theme of folded, moulded, three dimensional paper is continuing without any conscious plans on my part.

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