Visceral prints

Updated: Feb 27

These prints are the most visceral to date.. colours inspired by specimens in the labs. However they are not all from objects in the anatomy labs. Some are (there are sternum bones) but others are of corals from the Life Science museum, or stones from my personal collection of natural objects.

Thinking about taxonomies, and that I am working between Life Science, with its collection of plants, mammals, reptiles, birds, insects etc and Human Anatomy lab. If I create work that doesn’t separate human from non human life, but instead enmeshes them in each other so they are interrelated, interdependent and difficult to distinguish one form of life from another.

Question: How would humankind’s relationship with the natural world change if we viewed, imagined, felt, understood and portrayed ourselves as an inseparable part of the natural world?

Laboratory [Drawing] Life is a collaboration between King's College London's Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy and Dr. David Hay,

brokered and supported by the Culture team at King's.

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